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Mashed Potatoes

Dial it back a bit, and you will still get raves from your crowd without the calories.

points if you bake it yourself —use lower-fat proteins, and add fresh fruits and herbs for flavor.

This classic stand-by is a must in most holiday spreads, but there’s no reason you can’t make it a bit healthier by taking out some of the incriminating ingredients and replacing themwith lower-calorie substitutes. Of course, if you REALLY want to make themhealthier, you could forgo potatoes entirely and use mashed cauliflower. But it’s the holidays, andmost people prefer traditional spuds.

Old Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, mayo, butter, canned mushroom soup, butter crackers for topping New Ingredients: Cottage cheese, olive oil, homemade mushroom soup (see recipe above), panko bread crumbs Sweet Potato Casserole Even though they’re made from vegetables, a lot of sweet potato “casseroles” are pretty much glorified desserts. But sweet potatoes are actually quite nutritious — they are known for having fiber, iron, calcium, B vitamins and C! And they’re naturally sweet (the name says so), so why cover all their good qualities up withmarshmallows and sugar? Instead, opt for a more basic version of this beloved dish: baked sweet potatoes with healthier toppings.

Old Ingredients: Butter, bread, sausage New Ingredients: Olive oil, sprouted grain bread, turkey sausage, seasonal fruits (apples, cranberries) and herbs

Pies As far as traditional desserts go, pumpkin pie reigns as the most nutritious pick at your Turkey Day table. Pumpkins have fiber, after all, but you canmake yours EVEN healthier with a few ingredient swaps. If you aren’t a pumpkin pie fanatic, these swaps would work with other pies, too – just consult the original recipes for ingredients you can substitute. Old Ingredients: Pumpkin pie filling, refined sugar, full- fat dairy New Ingredients: Organic plain pumpkin, coconut sugar, milk alternative

Old Ingredients: Butter, sour cream New Ingredients: Olive oil, Greek yogurt

Stuffing or Dressing The best home chefs have their own spin on stuffing or dressing to accompany their holidaymeals, and the region you live in likely plays a role in what ingredients go into this classic side. Tomake yours healthier, swap out the challah or brioche bread for sprouted bread—bonus

Old Ingredients: Sugar, marshmallows New Ingredients: Cinnamon, honey, salt, pepper


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