Home Sweet Home Magazine - November 2021

Is Your Home Disaster Proof? HowTo Prepare for Emergencies in Every Roomof Your House

may not always be able to prevent kitchen accidents, you can be prepared when they happen. In the kitchen, choose a location for your emergency kit that can be accessed if you fall or collapse to the ground. In other words, choose a low and easily-accessible cupboard for your emergency gear, but make sure it’s secured away from pets and children.

Fires, falls, acute medical conditions and natural disasters probably weren’t at the forefront of your mind when you bought your home. But while you can never anticipate when an emergency might occur, you can be prepared to take action if and when a disaster hits too close to home. Kitchen The kitchen is the most common location for home accidents. That

means it’s important to watch for spills that may result in falls, keep pets and other tripping hazards out of the kitchen and use high- quality oven mitts when handling hot items. Make a point to double check that all heat sources, stovetops, small appliances and ovens are turned off when you are done cooking. Even with these safeguards in place, sometimes the unavoidable occurs. (They are called accidents for a reason.) Even though you


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