Home Sweet Home Magazine - November 2021

▶ ▶ Paper map ▶ ▶ Phone charger and portable charger (that is charged) ▶ ▶ A quart of oil and some antifreeze

In the Car Every car should also be equipped with the tools and supplies you might need while away fromhome. In addition to the basics of food and water, make sure you have: ▶ ▶ Flashlight ▶ ▶ Blankets or sleeping bags (consider winter vs. summer needs) ▶ ▶ Jumper cables ▶ ▶ Flares ▶ ▶ Safety triangle or cones ▶ ▶ Gloves ▶ ▶ Boots ▶ ▶ The chuck for the locking lugnuts, spare tire, lug wrench and jack

A Household Plan The time to plan for emergencies is now. Check with your city planners or neighborhood watch groups to see if there’s a plan in place for your area. This includes evacuation routes from fire or flooding, meeting places for supply distribution, etc. Also find out how the organization will relay information, andmake sure your contact info is up to date. If there

is no community plan, get your neighbors together and start one.

Armed with your grab and go bags, an alert system and an evacuation route, practice the drill at least once each year. Make sure all family members understand how to get out of the house and where to meet in case of emergency. Although no one ever wants to imagine they’ll need an emergency plan and supplies, having a plan in place could literally save your life.


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