RMM - Dec-20 - Jennifer Reiner

The Holiday Light Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Pros: Incandescent bulbs offer a nostalgic, toasty glow. They’re usually less expensive to purchase at the store, have more lights on each strand and often come with longer strands. Cons: While these lights are less expensive upfront, they end up costing more on your electric bill, since they use more wattage. They also last fewer hours total before needing replacement (as all incandescent lights do) and get extremely hot to the touch.

Years ago, there was only one kind of holiday light that adorned the interior and exterior of homes: those fat bulbs, scorching hot to the touch as they glowed. But illumination has come quite a long way since then, and the options for holiday lighting nowadays are much more diverse. But what kind of lights should you choose for your home? And, more importantly, do you know all your options? Before haphazardly buying a slew of bulbs at your local superstore, check out this handy

guide. And may your days be merry and bright! INCANDESCENT BULBS Incandescent bulbs, which can come in large and mini sizes, are the old-school bulbs you remember from childhood. Their color is created by the surrounding bulb itself, not by colored light.


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