RMM - Dec-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Feeling lazy? These 10 tips are for you. We’ve all been there. It’s a couple of days after Thanksgiving, and you’re worn out. You’ve already committed to hosting your family for the holidays. It didn’t seem like a big deal when you were a guest at your sister’s house. But now, the thought is overwhelming. Luckily, it’s 2020, and it’s never been easier to be a holiday host. Heck, a lot of these ideas are so foolproof, your guests may not even realize you did the bare minimum. Holiday decor can be bought and set up, with barely any effort. Here are our 10 tips for being a lazy holiday host. 1. Use a fake fireplace. What else provides a cozy holiday feel like a fireplace? If you don’t have one (or have one that needs some work), there are a couple of options to replicate that feel. One option is to use a cardboard cutout. There are lots of realistic looking options all over Amazon and other online retailers. While these fireplaces are clearly fake, they can add a festive feel to your living room and provide a fun backdrop for family photos. An added bonus is that they’re much safer than a real fireplace.

The good news about decorations is that once you buy them, you can reuse them year after year. You can also add to your decorations over time rather than spending a ton of money your first time hosting. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can ask your guests to bring side dishes, crafts or games for the kids, and anything else to offset your spending.

STEP 1: Budget out how much you can spend. Holiday parties can be expensive. But if you plan out a budget ahead of time and stick to it, you can avoid careless overspending. You’ll need to consider the following:

Decorations Food and Beverage Games/Entertainment


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