RMM - Dec-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Simply set your lights to turn on and off at a certain time every day and forget about them. 4. Utilize holiday-themed chair covers. Chair covers are an easy way to switch up your home decor and make your home more festive. You can find them online or in brick and mortar stores. We found several sets on Amazon for $20, and most other options are reasonably priced. These are perfect for the lazy party host — quick and easy to take on and off and wash if you need to. Pair them with a holiday table cloth, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Drape some lights inside. I know we just told you not to

hang lights outside, but inside is a different story. Hanging lights inside is usually a lot less labor intensive, and you don’t have to freeze outside trying to put them up. Take the lights you would have used outside and wrap them around your bannister, drape them behind your curtains or wrap them around your house plants.

You also need to consider how long your meal will take to prepare and any other obligations you have earlier in the day. Again, this is where preparing certain items ahead of time will lessen your burden in getting a meal on the table at a designated time. Once you have your meal time in place, you can schedule the rest of your day around it.

STEP 3: Plan when you’ll eat. Some families like to eat an early meal for Christmas, while others stick to a traditional dinner time. Find out your guests’ plans for the rest of the day, and determine a time that works best for you and them.

6. Prepare simple meals leading up the holiday.

When you’re planning a big holiday meal, you don’t want to worry about putting together complicated dishes on the days leading up to the big day. Find easy crockpot recipes that you can just drop in and let sit all day while you clean and prepare your home.


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