RMM - Dec-20 - Jennifer Reiner

STEP 8: Do A Gift Exchange

FINALLY , It’s Time To Clean Up This is the best piece of advice we can give. Don’t spend your entire holiday cleaning up. You’ll have plenty of time to take care of picking things up after everyone has left. Take the time to enjoy your holiday and make memories with your family. Drop any dirty dishes into soapy water so they have time to soak and can be easily washed clean later. If you have food to put away, recruit some of your guests to help you pack everything up more quickly. When you do finally get to cleaning, put on some festive music and spend some time reflecting on the memories you just made.

Rather than having everyone spend a lot of money on gifts for everyone else, suggest a gift exchange, like a white elephant game or secret Santa. Gift exchanges bring everyone together in the best way possible. Giving is what the season is about, after all. If you want to do a secret Santa, you need to have a reliable list of guests. Randomly pick who each person’s secret Santa will be out of a hat or using an online random selector tool (just Google it). A white elephant requires less foresight. Just tell your guests to bring a gift if they want to play. If they don’t, no worries, they don’t have to take part.


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