Home Sweet Home Magazine - January 2022

Host a Clothing Swap Children seem to outgrow clothing before the next laundry cycle. Plus, everyone likes to have some new options in their closet. So after the closet is cleaned out, host a clothing swap with your child’s friends. Remember shoes and accessories too! Set a date beforehand, and make it a playdate with a bonus. Each child can bring a bag of clothes they were planning to discard ( just make sure the clothes are still in good shape). Encourage the kids to play dress up and give each other positive feedback. With luck, everyone will find a few new items to take home.

Grow Veggies Kids love to get their hands dirty and will beam with pride when they see what they’ve created. Start with small cups, trays or old muffin tins. Allow your child to add dirt and seeds. Then monitor them while they take responsibility for a regular watering schedule. Choose a fast-growing option like radishes, lettuce and peas to keep your child interested without long wait times.

The warm air in the jar will condense and create water droplets, like rain falling from the sky when moist air from the Earth’s surface meets cold air from the atmosphere. Indoor Picnic Who says picnics are for summer or have to take place in the park? It’s just as fun to lay a blanket in the living room with a spread of yummy treats! Go authentic with a lunch (or dinner) packed into a picnic basket. Set the scene with some fun music, and bring a jar filled with conversation starters on pieces of paper to engage their youthful minds while feeding their growing bodies.

Visit a Museum

While science and history are fun at home, museums really bring learning to life. Take a rainy- day opportunity to visit a local museum you’ve always wanted to visit. Even if you’ve been there before, museums often cater to the thirst for knowledge with changing displays, updated vignettes and special visitors, so check the events schedule for new opportunities.


There are few things more homey than the smell of baked goods fresh from the oven. Get mixing with a new recipe or a family classic. Give the kids age- appropriate tasks like measuring ingredients and of course, helping with clean-up, with a sweet treat as a reward.

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