Home Sweet Home Magazine - January 2022

Budget-Friendly Tips toSave forHome Improvement Projects Table of Contents 4 9 Family Fun for Little-Known JanuaryHolidays When the post-holiday slump and winter blues threaten to creep in, give yourself something to look forward to by celebrating these little-known — and slightly wacky — January observances. IndoorActivities toEntertain the Kids We put together a list of some boredom-busting ideas to keep your family busy and spark creativity. Don’t let the kids in on the secret, but they might even have fun and learn at the same time!

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Every homeowner knows it’s a lot easier to add repairs and improvements to a to-do list than to actually check them off the list. Part of the challenge is saving enough money to complete projects while simultaneously staying on top of life’s everyday expenses. We put together some pointers to help you save for your future home improvement projects.


7 Steps toAchieve aMinimalist Lifestyle We manage to accumulate a lot of stuff over time. In the end, we find ourselves surrounded with items we need to clean, maintain, store and put money into. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is a solution to those obligations, but it requires a unique mindset that’s all about clearing the clutter to make room for what’s most important.

Create the Perfect Home Gym As our society has adapted to working and spending more time at home, people are increasingly finding ways to do things remotely. The convenience of a home workout coupled with the increased availability of virtual platforms and fitness apps has led more people to invest in home gyms.


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