Home Sweet Home Magazine - January 2022

January 2 Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day While we don’t recommend you take this one literally, the idea is to float new ideas into the world and see if anyone picks up on them. However, if your actions don’t garner a response, it’s still a fun opportunity to mix things up. Encourage the family to wear funky outfits, try a new recipe or cuisine, explore travel ideas for places you’ve never considered and rearrange the furniture. World Introvert Day An introvert’s idea of the perfect day is often as simple as burying themselves in a book or marathon- watching a Netflix series. If you have an introvert in your house, give them the day to do whatever they want, whichmight just be nothing at all.

new series you’ve been wanting to start.

to get the family involved in the process.

Another fun way to get the kids involved in this holiday is to build a bed sheet tent in your house using chairs and lots of pillows. Fill the tent with books or games, and spend some much-needed “me” time. If you make it big enough, you can also snuggle up as a family and read together or watch a favorite movie. Fruitcake Toss Day Unless you’re one of the rare people who look forward to annual fruitcake consumption, you’ve probably held onto the unwanted loaf fromAunt Edna for long enough. Start by gathering the family in a circle, and toss the cake from one person to the next. Wrapped, you can compete to see who can toss it the furthest, off the deck or in a field. Alternatively, give each family member an equal-sized chunk to see who can launch it the furthest. For additional fun, build a basic catapult or use a slingshot to hurl the confection toward a target. January 4 National Spaghetti Day The obvious activity here is planning spaghetti for dinner, but add a bit of holiday variety by trying something new. Make your own pasta noodles or serve up sauce from scratch. Try a different combination of meats in your meatballs. Just make sure

January 5 National Whipped Cream Day

Who can’t get on board with a holiday that involves whipped cream? Whip it, eat it, share it or pull a classic pie-in-the-face prank on your partner.

January 6 Bean Day

Make a whole smorgasbord of bean-based dishes for dinner. Try chili, baked beans, soups, refried beans, southwest bean dip and more. Mix up your bean varieties and get your family involved in the preparations. If your kids are old enough, you can even have everyone in the family make a dish and vote on the best recipe. Cuddle Up Day Since it’s also Cuddle Up Day, a warm bowl of bean-based goodness fits in well with fuzzy socks and pajamas at dinner time. Start a fire, and invite the stuffed animals to the party, too.

January 3 Festival of Sleep Day

This day is all about recharging your body to prepare for the year ahead. If you’re a parent with young children, however, that might be easier said than done. Still, try to do something relaxing for yourself today, even if you don’t actually get to take a nap. Find an activity or show to distract the kids for a little while and pick up a book or binge a


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