Home Sweet Home Magazine - January 2022

January 7 Old Rock Day

January 10 Peculiar People Day

herbs. If you don’t have fillable tea bags on hand, you can tie up a coffee filter with some string or a rubber band.

Rocks represent the history of the planet. Use the day to explain how rocks are formed. Put together a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or travel to the beach or mountains. At home, make jewelry with stones, paint rocks and leave them around town or visit a gem shop.

It’s time to honor unusual people in history and highlight your own quirks, too. In fact, it’s a day to put peculiar traits in the spotlight. Dress oddly to fit the theme, and put together an unusual meal from a variety of uncommon food choices. Have everyone share something that makes them unique. It’s also a good opportunity to address any lingering insecurities and look at them in a new light.

January 13 National Sticker Day

Order some new varieties or dig them out of the bottomdrawer. Give the kids construction paper or a brown bag to decorate, or bring out a scrapbook they can decorate however they want.

January 8 Bubble Bath Day

National Rubber Duckie Day

January 11 Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

It’s only Bubble Bath Day once a year, and you’ve earned it. Light some candles and relax with some music or a podcast. You can also find bubble bath mixes with fun colors for the kids. Enjoy! January 9 National Word Nerd Day This holiday is the perfect excuse to have fun and take advantage of an educational opportunity. Play a game of Apples to Apples or Heads Up! (there are kid-friendly versions if you want to play with the whole family), or have everyone in the family look up a few new vocabulary words to incorporate into your dinner conversation.

Put on Sesame Street, play Ernie’s iconic song and draw a bath. It’s National Rubber Ducky Day! If you really want to celebrate the occasion, organize a rubber ducky race in a tub of water.

Morse Code is made up of a series of dashes and dots. A quick search for “Morse Code Chart” will bring up the code for each letter in the alphabet. Every kid enjoys the secret world of coding, so celebrate the holiday by learning how to spell your name dot and dash style.

January 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day

Kids around the world have unknowingly celebrated this holiday many times over, but today it’s officially an approved activity! January 15 National Hat Day/ Strawberry Ice Cream Day

January 12 National Hot Tea Day

This is an easy holiday to celebrate on a cold winter’s day. Enjoy a hot cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book. You can also dabble in making your own tea with fresh

It just seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate two


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