Home Sweet Home Magazine - January 2022

January 29 National Puzzle Day Small or large, difficult or easy, puzzles can bring the family together and enhance fine motor and critical thinking skills — but the kids don’t need to know that.

kids, set up a get together with friends, or use it as an excuse for a date night.

breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, write with your non- dominant hand and call directions by their opposites.

January 22 National Blonde Brownie Day

January 26 Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Need we say more?

January 30 Yodel for Your Neighbors Day

This holiday is actually the last Monday in January, whenever that might fall. Celebrate with a stomping party or make a bubble- wrap themed craft.

January 23 Measure Your Feet Day Yes, really. Get out a tape measure and calculate the length and width of your feet. It’s a good lesson for kids, but it can also be a record of their growth from one year to the next. Add in some crafts with footprints in a cement stepping stone or a painted footprint on paper or fabric. January 24 Global Belly Laugh Day What a fun holiday! Be silly. Be funny. Hunt down jokes, watch funny movies or go see a local stand-up act.

It might not be the best way to make friends, but it sure is a lot of fun. Brush up on yodeling basics beforehand by watching some instructional youtube videos. We won’t tell if you cheat and play a recording instead of yodeling yourself, but at least give it a try!

January 27 Chocolate Cake Day

Again, this one is pretty self explanatory. Let the kids help in the fun of baking and decorating (and clean-up, too)!

January 31 Backward Day

January 28 National Kazoo Day

Walk in reverse, say goodbye when you arrive and hello when you leave, wear clothing backward and write from right to left. Mix it up and have a very backward day.

It’s easy to play, so grab a few and make your ownmarching band.

January 25 Opposite Day

Let the kids be the adults for the day, wear clothing inside out, have


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