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breakable, potentially dangerous items stored near the floor or placed on lower shelves that should be moved up and away for safety and safe keeping. Remember, all young ones enjoy exploring as a way of acclimating to their new environment and learning to understand the world around them. Remove ceramics, items with sharp edges, cleaning products and chemicals from areas that little fingers or paws could possibly reach. As you make this clean sweep identifying and removing safety hazards within your home, don’t forget that numerous household plants are poisonous if ingested by humans or furry friends. Examples include popular flowers such as tulips, daffodils, varieties of lilies including lily of the valley, the peace lily and calla lily, as well as oleander and English ivy. Place these plants in secure and stylish hanging plant containers or better yet, replace themwith popular indoor plants that are nontoxic, such as African violets, prayer plants, parlor palms and other varieties you can easily research online to ensure they pose no harm if accidentally ingested. You can also use artificial plants and floral arrangements that will safeguard your little ones and relieve you of the responsibility of maintaining live plants.

functionality and the style that appeals to your personal aesthetic.

▶ ▶ Place your glass tables in

storage and choose a fabric ottoman in the color palette and texture of your choice. Taking this step will protect your little ones and keep you from constantly reaching for the glass cleaner to remove small hand or paw prints. ▶ ▶ It’s a fact: children and pets are messy. Prepare for this reality by choosing to furnish rooms with furniture covered in stain- resistant fabrics. Making this choice can save you heartache (andmoney) over damaged items and help you keep your cleaning chores to a minimum.

Express Your Aesthetic in a New, Family- Friendly Way

Proper baby and pet-proofing can certainly prove to be a challenge, but it can also serve as an opportunity for you to rethink your design aesthetic andmake some prudent changes to keep your small family members safe andminimize the amount of time you spend cleaning the house. Helpful Hints: ▶ ▶ Avoid the temptation to invest in home décor or furnishings for a new baby that they will soon outgrow.

▶ ▶ Choose storage with style.

Both children and pets require accessories. Choose an ottoman or entryway bench covered with stain-resistant fabric that also features a practical storage space where you can quickly store toys and avoid clutter. Take a Fresh Look at Your Home from a ‘Lower’ Perspective Protect your children and pets while safeguarding your cherished personal mementos by looking at your home from a new angle! Go room to room and take note of

▶ ▶ Don’t be swayed by trends.

Instead, invest in furnishings and décor that have a timeless appeal and that will serve your growing family’s needs for years to come.

▶ ▶ Remember that done right, you can baby or pet proof your home by combining


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