RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Essential Steps to Prep Your Summer Garden Summer is just around the corner, and those with green thumbs know the next fewmonths are key to a successful growing season. Whether you’re still waiting on the ground to defrost or you’ve already dug into the ground, there are myriad tasks you can tackle now in anticipation of harvest in a fewmonth’s time.

Build Raised Beds If you have a sheltered place to work, you can build raised beds any time of year. Whether they’re just a foot high or sit a few feet off the ground, raised beds offer many benefits, including weed control, temperature moderation and better drainage. Raised beds can be made from scrap lumber, pallet boards or new timber. Just about any size will do the job.

Create a Planting Schedule The most important step in any successful project is creating a plan. Your garden is no exception. Start by identifying the herbs, fruits and vegetables you want to grow. Make a list on paper or in a spreadsheet on the computer. Next to each item, list the estimated time until harvest. Based on that information, place an anticipated planting date in the

next column. This is an important part of your plan since radishes will be ready for harvest in less than a month, while onions can take five months. You can then plan for which crops you will replace as the season progresses.


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