RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Install Fencing Keep deer and other critters away from your garden buffet with fencing around your garden area. There are lots of fencing options that will do the trick, frombasic chicken wire to steel, so pick the style that fits your desired look and budget and get it in place before vulnerable plants go in the ground.

Attract Pollinators

with a variety of plants that bloom throughout the season. Place flowering plants in clusters to make them easier for pollinators to find. Choose plants that are native to your area since they’re the perfect food for pollinators and are well adapted to the landscape. You can also incorporate bird, bat, and butterfly houses into your overall garden design.

The truth is you need pollinators to help your garden grow. They are the not-so-secret weapon in high yields. Bees, wasps, butterflies, flies, ants and beetles can all help pollinate your plants. Sometimes birds and bats do the job, too. Draw these pollinators into your yard

Plant Bulbs If you held over bulbs from last

season, it’s time to get themback in the ground. Garden centers will also be lined with bulbs for the upcoming summer season. Be sure to label the location of your bulbs, either through markers in the area or on your garden blueprint so you don’t accidentally plant over them.


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