RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Pillows, Blankets, Bedding, and More

The beauty of fabrics is that they can change the look of a room withminimal effort and expense. Swapping out throw pillows, blankets and curtains also allows you to test the waters of your new theme without breaking the bank. You might decide the look you imagined isn’t for you once you see it in the space. There are a variety of ways to use textiles to your advantage, and they can have a huge impact. Look for scatter and area rugs, tapestries, hand or bath towels, comforters and duvet covers, window shades and table coverings. During your travels, take pictures of rooms or design elements you like so you have an example to work from. You can also buy fabric at a local market during your trip and use it to make pillowcases and other accent pieces when you return home. Art Framed wall art takes endless forms and really enhances any space when correctly incorporated into a design. For a coastal theme, purchase pictures or artwork of your favorite beach destination (you can support local artists and photographers at the same time).

Palm trees, sandy beaches, exotic plants and animals and colorful landscapes all speak to a tropical theme. Return to the desert with camels, expansive sand horizons or cactuses. Of course, art goes well beyond the frame. Look into canvas prints and printed tapestries you canmount to the wall. Other elements of interior design are also considered art. Depending on your available display space, you can include Asian vases, Chinese pottery, carved wood figurines and sculptures. Other Interior Design Elements Beyond soft furnishings and art, there are many ways to bring your vacation home, especially if you actually bring souvenirs home. Think big picture here. If your ideal vacation involves skiing, your theme will likely resemble a ski lodge. It

Colorado; you can achieve the look at home with criss-crossed skies above the couch or fireplace. Antlers and vintage snow shoes also fit well with the theme. Focus on outdoor elements like wood, and lean into warm colors and soft textures throughout the space. Complement the roomwith your vacation photos and resort souvenirs. A coastal theme can be achieved through natural elements, as well. If it’s allowed where you travel, bring home a pocket full of sand or a collection of shells that can act as both a souvenir and interior decor.

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