RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Lamps and Other Lighting Lighting is important at a functional level, but it’s also a central design element. The fixtures and even the types of bulbs you choose can create or detract from the mood of the room. In a cabin-themed room, look for shades withmountains or wildlife. Make a statement with an antler chandelier, or simply go rustic with iron and wood lighting above the table. For a beach theme, reflect the movement of water in glass shades for lamps and central lighting. Look for blue and green accents in clear glass pendant lights and even in flush-mount wall sconces. Scents Travel is a sensory experience. Consider the sights and sounds of a busy city or quiet savannah, the taste of the food and the feel of fine linens. But don’t forget about scents. Fromdry desert to rain- drenchedmountains, you may not even realize howmuch the scents of the area stick with you until you relive them. Complete your experience at home with lightly-scented floral, seascape, pine or citrus-scented candles or diffusers to bring the memories flooding in.

and be sure to incorporate some oversized plants into your design.

Turn your family vacation photos into wall art or frame and display them alongside the items collected on your trip. Driftwood, glass floats and netting are other accents that fit well into this theme. For a tropical theme, you canmake the space more colorful and playful with flip flops, flowers and tropical birds. A tropical theme can cover anything from the Mayan ruins to Hawaiian culture or the essence of Vietnam, so go with elements that bring you joy from your travels in tropical regions. Tropical decor is more vibrant than coastal, so create accents with pinks, greens and blues. Drop in some animal prints,

If you’re going for an Asian theme, keep the space sleek and minimalistic in alignment with Feng Shui. Swap out curtains for bamboo shades. Include floor pillows for seating. Add silk fabrics with tassels. Use traditional colors like red, gold, jade and purple. Mount colorful fans on the wall or display them inside a glass cabinet. Also mix in a water feature or two. As a backdrop behind a sitting area or as an accent piece, bring in a shoji roomdivider. Ceiling fans are another design element you may not have considered, but the size, location and decoration on the blades can all work to solidify a room’s theme. To bring home a specific area, install a fanmade with wood from the area, such as koa fromHawaii. There are even themed ceiling fan blades that can equip you with a shark, cabin or Victorian design.


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