RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Outdoor Spaces There are many ways to bring your vacation home with you, from subtle additions to the main living space to entire rooms dedicated to the design. Another option is to create an outdoor space for your own pleasure and entertainment purposes. Travel-themed outdoor spaces can be achieved on a covered porch, open deck or paver stone patio. You don’t necessarily have to design a whole space around your destination concept —maybe just a small area near the

beach theme or the coconut shell chimes you bought in Hawaii. Add tiki torches, road/pathmarkers, suitcases, adventure signage or themed path lighting to enhance your experience. Round out the backdrop with strands of lights, wall-mounted decor and a rug to pull it all together. While your vacationmight be over, creating your favorite travel destination vibe at home will keep the good times rolling until the next time your passport is stamped.

firepit in the corner of your yard. Regardless of the size, focus on replicating your experience through furniture selections and accessories. Grab a few floral pillows and add appropriate palm trees, bamboo, Bonsai or pine in themed pots for the table and deck, or in the ground. If the varietal you want doesn’t grow well in your climate, go with a quality artificial substitute instead. Wind chimes are a nice addition and can add the sounds of your vacation into your resting spot. Use driftwood chimes for a


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