RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

Shadowboxes: Filling Your Home with Distinct Personality

Debbie Campbell Bass opened Providence Gallery & Frames in 1977. A respected, creative and versatile professional framer, one of her many specialties over the past 45 years has been shadowbox framing, a method of simultaneously showcasing and preserving cherished keepsakes, family heirlooms, antiques and collectibles.

Debbie observes there has been a recent surge in requests for shadowbox framing.

A Shift in Priorities

“We’ve all been locked into our ‘luxury prisons’ and come to the realization that while we love our homes and the items we have chosen to collect, we want to update things and want them freshened up — given a facelift as it were. We want something that looks more modern and contemporary.”

“Since the pandemic, I have certainly noticed an increase in requests to frame muchmore memorabilia and things that evoke memories of events that we as a society are not able to participate in now.” Even post-lockdown, more people have realized they enjoy spending time at home.

Debbie also believes our increased isolation as a society has boosted sentimentality. That means more people want to relive favorite memories or revisit past hobbies they’d been neglecting due to the demands of work outside the home and social activities.


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