RMM - March-22 - Raymond Kerege

A Modern Approach to Baby and Pet-Proofing If you find yourself excited at the impending prospect of a new baby or pet joining your family but are dreading house-proofing with bulky and obtrusive safety devices, this article will give you valuable information you can use to keep your child or pet safe without sacrificing your preferred home design and decor. You’ll find that modern innovations now give parents and pet owners a much wider and sleeker selection of safety devices to choose from, allowing them to take all the proper precautions while simultaneously maintaining their sense of style. 1. Baby/Pet Gates: A new generation of baby/pet gates — constructed of materials ranging fromnylon and canvas to a metal frame withmesh interior and a door —will save you from continually marking up your walls and having

Protective gates constructed of a metal frame with a mesh center allow you to maintain the modern vibe of your home and clearly monitor little ones as they play. These mesh screen gates are available in a variety of neutral colors that easily coordinate with any interior. 2. Corner Bumpers: Baby bumpers are designed to protect small ones from accidentally banging into the sharp corners of furniture. Corner bumpers for child and pet-proofing have traditionally beenmade of foampadding that can be cumbersome and unsightly. The current trend is to use corner bumpers of soft silicone. This new take on a must-have safety precaution is designed to match the color of your furniture, making the corner bumpers less obvious but

just as effective. Silicone bumpers are available in neutral shades like gray, black or clear —minimizing their impact on your interior design aesthetic. Leather has also emerged as a favorite material for table bumpers to match your favorite choice of wood – be it the rich reddish-brown of cherry or the lighter beige tones of furnishings crafted fromwhite oak. 3. Door Knob Covers: Gone are the days when bulky, white plastic was the only available choice for door knob covers. Today, several companies offer a range of door knob covers designed to coordinate with your choice of hardware, whether you have antique bronze, copper/rose gold, polished nickel or satin black.

to hurdle your way over the protective barriers to avoid

reinstallation every time you enter or leave the area. Modern gates allow adults to open and pass through themwith ease. Simply push the gate shut firmly behind you, and it will lock back into place. Gates made of these materials are also quick and easy to clean — just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.


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