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4. Cabinet Locks: This is another must-have safety mechanism to keep curious

their reach can pose a choking hazard. Retractable cord wraps and roll-ups are easy to install and

or recycling bins are often sharp and dangerous, such as used razor blades, cotton swabs, or the edge of a used aluminum can. To avoid harm and the potential for a messy cleanup, either use trash cans and recycle bins with sturdy lids or keep these receptacles inside a locked cabinet. 7. Outlet Covers: To prevent shocks, burns and other electrical hazards, it is imperative that you invest in some sort of outlet covers. Clear outlet covers provide an easy and cost-effective solution. You simply insert the covers into the openings and remove and replace themwhen the outlet needs to be used. Self-closing outlet covers are another popular solution since they work automatically, so you never have to worry that you have forgotten to replace an outlet cover. With the self-closing option, the moment the electrical plug is taken out of the socket, a cover slides into place, preventing access to the outlet. 8. Safeguards for Cords and Cables: Children and pets are often fascinated by cords and cables. Playing with blind cords can lead to the cord becoming wrapped around the child or pet’s neck, injuring, or even strangling them.

children and pets frommaking their way into cabinets that often contain sharp objects, medications, cleaning products, chemicals and other dangerous items. It is especially important to use cabinet locks in the kitchen and bathroom areas where these types of products are most often stored. Hiddenmagnetic cabinet locks prevent children and pets from accessing items that could cause harmwhile remaining sight unseen. Magnetic locks are installed inside cabinetry and are unlocked with a special magnetic tool that should be kept high and away. 5. Toilet Locks: A safety device on all toilet lids can prevent young children from climbing into the bowl and stop pets fromdrinking toilet water. There are a wide assortment of latch toilet locks available, as well as clear, plastic safety straps that are easy to install and extremely versatile, as they can be used to secure dishwasher and refrigerator doors, cabinets, toilet seats andmore. 6. Trash and Recycling Bins: We usually throw things away as a course of habit, giving little thought to the danger our refuse could pose to prying little hands or the inquisitive nose or paws of a puppy. However, the things we dispose of in trash cans

automatically remove cords from floor level and keep themneatly stashed up and away, preventing mishaps. Better yet, opt for cordless window coverings to avoid any chance of a tragic accident. We live in a ‘plugged in’ society, and our culture’s love of electronics means charging and other electrical cords are prolific in every home. Arrange your charging cords in an organizer and keep it neatly placed on a high shelf or inside a locked upper cabinet. You can keep teething babies and pets who love to chew from accessing dangerous electrical cords, cables and wires by purchasing spiral wrap, an inexpensive covering that prevents small teeth frombiting into electrical cords. Keep cords off the floor by affixing them to the underside of your desk or table or along high shelves or doorways using adhesive-backed cord clips. Taking this preventative measure has the added benefit of keeping your floors clutter-free and your cords organized. Most importantly, it can prevent a young child or pet from accidentally pulling on cords attached to heavy appliances like computers and monitors.

Young children and pets also love to chew, and a blind cord left within


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