Home Sweet Home Magazine - Sept 2021

Smart Communications: The Amazon Echo Show Second Generation The Amazon Echo Show Second Generation includes a 10-inch screen that allows you to make audio calls to and between Echo devices located in various rooms of your home while taking advantage of the HD video functionality the system offers. If you tell the kids it’s lights out but they don’t listen right away, Echo Show Second Generation allows you to turn them off remotely. The Amazon Echo Show Second Generation requires wi-fi. The system is compatible with Alexa and offers additional features, including music streaming and scheduling capability to keep you, your family and your home organized and running smoothly. Over the last year, our homes have taken on a new significance, serving not only as our resting place but for many, also functioning as our primary workplace, virtual school and the center of our social lives. By embracing all the modern conveniences new advancements in technology make possible, we can equip our homes to help us live healthier lives and offer our family and friends comfort, as well as cutting-edge communications and entertainment.

it uses less air conditioning on cooler days and less heat when the temperatures are unseasonably warm. The Air Comfort Skill feature provides you with a reading that rates the air quality inside your home and suggests ways to improve conditions so you breathe in healthier air. This tool also grades the quality of outdoor air, warning you when temperatures and humidity levels are high and when there is a risk of exposure to common allergens and other air pollutants. The tado controller runs onWi-Fi and is compatible with IOS and Android phones and Alexa. Sleep in Comfort: Temperature- Controlled Sheets Outlast sheets use cooling technology developed by NASA engineers to keep your body temperature constant throughout the night. Tiny capsules within the sheets absorb the heat when your temperature rises and then release it when you feel cold. Unlike wicking technology, which is reactionary, working to pull moisture away from your body once you have started to sweat, Outlast technology works proactively to prevent your body from overheating in the first place.

all monitor cords with pink clips, all printer cords with blue clips and so on. Soon, you will be able to recognize which cord goes with which device on sight! 3. Tired of searching through your bag or glove compartment desperately trying to lay your hands on the right USB cord or charger? Destress and declutter by putting an old sunglass case to use! These containers are just the right size for storing your cords, keeping them tangle free andmaking them easier to find! 4. Use binder clips! Keep your cords neatly folded and organized by affixing a label to the top of each clip and attaching another label to the cord. This solution keeps your cords clearly marked and tangle free. 5. Try the ties that bind! There is a wide assortment of materials you can use for bundling smaller cords and cables, from recycled twist ties to ponytail holders and rubber bands. Consider purchasing Velcro wraps for items you use frequently, such as cell phone charging and laptop power cords. These are an inexpensive and convenient option, since Velcro is adjustable. 6. Have a lot of cords to organize for the whole family? Try using an over-the-door shoe organizer! Use the pockets of the organizer to categorize your cords. You can label the pockets for reference if you like. This solution enables you to safely store and separate numerous cords in one convenient space.


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