Home Sweet Home Magazine - Sept 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to spend more time at home as a major portion of the workforce made a rapid transition to working remotely. Students and educators had to quickly adapt to virtual learning. At the same time, restaurants, movie theaters and other public places that had been social mainstays for generations closed, resulting in homeowners reevaluating their living spaces and searching out the latest technological innovations to maximize their indoor and outdoor living spaces.

This article explores some of the cutting-edge technologies you can install in and around your home to simplify your life and make the time you spend at home more enjoyable.

Portable Movie Projectors

operated with a 5-hour run time. The leaders in video-on-demand streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, are preloaded on the Cinemood, along with YouTube and Ameba TV. Ready to watch a movie? Simply turn Cinemood on, choose your movie and start watching. Traveling with the kids or simply need some age-appropriate entertainment? Cinemood has you covered with its extensive assortment of preloaded Disney

projectors. Every projector that made the list weighed less than five pounds. The heaviest, the BenQ GS2 Wireless Mini Portable Projector, weighs 3.52 pounds. The lightest, the Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Mini Projector, weighs a mere 4.5 ounces. The Cinemood Portable Mini Projector earned GearHungry’s “Best Overall” distinction due in large part to its quick, user-friendly setup. No plugin is needed, as the projector is entirely battery

Portable movie projectors have become all the rage as more people turn to home movie nights on Netflix over traditional movie theater viewing. These projectors can be used indoors or in the great outdoors, anywhere you can find a surface that can act as a screen. This new generation of home movie projectors is truly portable. The experts at GearHungry recently reviewed and ranked their top nine picks for portable


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