Home Sweet Home Magazine - August 2021

2. Drains If a pungent odor is creeping up through any of your drain pipes, reach for a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Just pour one-half cup down the drain, and the offensive stench will soon disappear!

5. Furniture & Closets Antique furniture and vintage cabinetry can add real character to a home. Unfortunately, older wood frequently has a musty smell, and the items you store inside these pieces can quickly become infused with that odor. Before storing anything in an older closet, cupboard or newly purchased antique chest, gather some newspaper and distilled white vinegar. Crinkle the newspaper up, and sprinkle it with the vinegar, then place the paper on the shelves or inside each area of the furniture. Leave it for two to three days until the smell has been absorbed. Keep

furniture drawers fresh by inserting scented dryer sheets. For closets, try wrapping a lavender or vanilla bar of soap in tissue paper and placing it on a shelf. Replace every 2-3 months. 6. Basements & Cellars Underground spaces like basements and cellars tend to smell musty following a hard rain. To fight mold andmildew odors, simply slice an onion in half and place it in your basement or cellar overnight. This quick fix will absorb all of those nasty smells by morning, leaving you with a space you and your family can use and enjoy once more!

3. Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal smells like, well, garbage, run a few orange or lemon rinds through for a quick refresher. To make sure you always have rinds on hand when you need them, save peelings in a bag in the refrigerator. To keep your disposal smelling fresh, do this twice a month. 4. Trash Cans Kitchen odors come fromnumerous sources, but a big culprit is trash cans filled with rotting food and waste. To keep your kitchen trash cans fresh, wash themwell with warm, soapy water and after rinsing, allow them to dry completely. There are a few options you can try: If you have a cat, sprinkle some scented cat litter on the bottom of the trash can before inserting the garbage bag. You can also use a layer of orange or lemon peels. Finally, you can place a couple of dryer sheets at the bottom of the can. Whichever option you choose, replace them every 30 days to keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh.


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