Home Sweet Home Magazine - July 2021

#3. Invest in a kiddie pool or above-ground pool. Kids and adults who absolutely insist on their own pool might appreciate a kiddie pool or above-ground pool as an easy cool-off zone for summer. Sure, you won’t be able dive or swim laps — but submerging yourself in cool water on a hot day can be just as fun. As a bonus, add a “water feature” by placing the sprinkler so it sprays into the pool, andmake sure you place the pool in a shady spot if you don’t want to worry about reapplying sunscreen.

#4. Enjoy frozen treats. Nothing is better than a cold treat on a hot day. But instead of always dipping into a gallon of decadent ice cream, indulge the kids and yourself with healthier treats that are still just as much fun. It’s even better if you have popsicle molds for the freezer, but if you don’t have them, you can simply use other containers. Just wrap foil tightly around the popsicle stick so it stands up straight.

Creamy Popsicles You can add a creamy consistency to your pops by incorporating plain Greek yogurt or full-fat coconut milk. Smoothie Popsicles To sneak in a few veggies that the kids hopefully won’t notice, try blending the fruit with hard-to- detect vegetables such as carrots, avocados, kale, spinach or sweet potatoes.

#6. Make the most of dusk.

Here are a few ideas to try:

Fruity Popsicles For fruity popsicles, you’ll need your favorite fruit (the riper the better), lemon juice (or another liquid) and sugar. We suggest berries of all kinds, bananas, peaches, mangos, pineapple chunks or watermelon.

There’s a reason our ancestors stayed indoors during peak sun hours and ventured out right as the sun started setting! Those hours of softer light during the summer evening are perfect for outdoor time without slathering on the SPF and sweating. Try having a summer evening picnic as a family or encouraging everyone to take their books, toys and even their tablets outdoors for some one-on-one time with nature. Dusk is also a great time to go for a walk together as a family and burn off some energy. If you live somewhere with great sunset views, walk or bike to a place where the colors are visible. Don’t forget to listen for frogs and crickets and take in the magic of summer.


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