Home Sweet Home Magazine - October 2021

Tips for Tackling DeepWood Scratches Pets’ claws often damage wood surfaces. Repairing deep scratches or gouges will require a visit to your favorite hardware or home repair store to purchase the following materials: wood filler, a putty knife, fine-grain sandpaper, and a wood stain that matches the wood furniture, door or flooring’s finish.

properly filled in but no excess putty remains. (The surface should be flush with the original, undamaged finish.) 5. Allow the filler to dry thoroughly, then take the fine sandpaper and use it to smooth the wood filler until the surface is seamless. 6. If the repair area is small, simply apply a wood finish pen with a matching stain. (For larger areas, use a clean, dry rag to apply stain to the filled area.) 7. Allow the stain to set (dry) thoroughly. 8. If the original stain finish is glossy, apply one or two coats of shellac as needed to match.

dirt and particles, allowing you to successfully apply the repair materials directly to the damaged wood. A clean surface ensures the repair materials adhere to the wood surface you are attempting to restore.) 2. Carefully read the wood filler instructions. (Most of these compounds take approximately one hour to set, but others take more time. Make sure you know how long the filler needs to properly dry before you begin.) 3. Gently apply the wood filler to the scratched area with the putty knife. 4. Use the putty knife to carefully scrape away any excess filler to ensure the damaged area is

To repair deep wood scratches, do the following in order:

1. Clean the area inside and

around the scratch thoroughly. (This is necessary to remove

Maintain a Clean Feeding Area Keep your pet’s feeding area organized and clean by placing food and water bowls on an indoor/outdoor mat: these are easy to vacuum or sweep and control feeding time messes. Bothered by unsightly stains in feeding dishes? Try this easy cleaning hack: lightly coat your pet’s food and water dishes with a quick blast of cooking spray to avoid set-in stains. But don’t go overboard, or you could upset your pet’s stomach.


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