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10Tricks to Sneak more Veggies intoYourFamily’sDiet

works for green, orange, or yellow veggies.

a dish, keep the pieces small. Mince peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, or asparagus for a diffused flavor. When they’re small in size, vegetables lose their overbearing flavor and can easily be “hidden” frompicky eaters. Plus, small pieces are more easily disguised by the other elements in the dish. 2. Match Colors Psychologically, pairing similar colors keeps eaters frompinpointing the difference between roasted red peppers, fresh sweet peppers, tomatoes, radishes and red potatoes. So if you only like a few red veggies, add a new one to the combination. The same concept

We all know vegetables are good for us, but finding ways to eat enough of them— and to get picky family members to eat them— can be challenging. Plus, even if you have a prolific garden, veggies are only fresh and enjoyable for a limited time. If “vegetable burnout” has you feeling like your picky 5-year-old self, check out these tips to incorporate more of them into your diet (or to sneak thempast your family’s pickiest eaters). 1. SizeMatters When it comes to incorporating whole, fresh, plant-based foods into

3. Pairwith Things Your Family Likes There’s a bit of deception involved in this practice, whether you’re trying to trick yourself or the choosy eaters in your household. Start with a reliable favorite. For example, if your family loves lasagna, sneak in some finely minced red pepper. For pasta-loving families, try introducing some wilted spinach or peas. If your family loves a basic green salad, experiment with shredded carrots or beets, cut broccoli or cauliflower, or even different types of lettuce such as red, green, butter, or romaine.


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