RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

8 Ideas to Design Your Child’s Room

for the Future

Consider Your Child’s Changing Needs

As children grow, their likes and interests change — as do their home decorating preferences. If you put a lot of money into designing your 4-year-old daughter’s dream room— complete with bubble gum pink walls and princess mural — chances are, she’s going to outgrow it pretty quickly. Planning a cost-effective design that will meet your child’s evolving tastes over time can be a big undertaking. But fortunately, you can make design choices that will work for your child’s room well into the future.

that can be easily transformed later on is to start with a neutral base and add items or make design choices to enhance it. Here are some design ideas to help you create a room your child will love now and for years to come.

Before we dive into this article, it’s important to evaluate what you’re hoping to achieve in the space now and in the future. Does your child’s room currently double as a playroom? Will he or she need space to do school work? The layout and function of the room should match the needs of your child and family. Start by listing all of your child’s needs in the space and figure out how you’ll accommodate them. The key to completing a design

1. Utilize Accent Walls.

Accent walls have gained popularity in recent years because they allow you to use pops of color without overwhelming a space. You can paint 3 out of 4 walls a neutral color, then add a pop of color on the 4th wall that your child will love.


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