RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Wall decals - Wall decals are easy to apply and remove when your child wants a change. You can order custom decals with your child’s name or choose decals based on your child’s interests. 2. Use Furniture as Decor. Furniture doesn’t just have to be practical. You can find plenty of pieces that will turn a neutral room into an exciting space for your kids.

Accent walls not only provide a pleasing aesthetic, but they also set you up for the future. You can change up the accent wall as your child grows and changes his or her style preferences, rather than repainting the entire room every few years. There are an endless stream of options for creating an accent wall. Here are some fun choices for your child’s room. Wallpaper - You no longer have to shudder at the idea of adding wallpaper to your home. Using wallpaper on an accent wall is a tasteful, yet bold, way to enhance your space, and it has never been easier to apply and remove. Plus there are lots of options — everything from glitter prints to subtle patterns. Chalkboard walls - Drawing on the wall is no longer a crime! There are paints available to transform any wall into a chalkboard wall that can easily be wiped clean. This is a fun design choice that kids love. Plus, it has staying power — preteens and teens can use it to write their favorite motivational quotes or song lyrics. It looks awesome and can be a really helpful learning tool for younger kids to practice writing their letters and numbers.

in their favorite color or pattern. If you have the space, put in a child- size table and chairs for crafting or having a tea party. Consider adding fun pieces like tents or easels. Find some older furniture pieces (try Facebook marketplace or Craigslist) and turn them into an art project. If your child is set on a bright yellow room but you don’t want to commit to yellow walls, let them paint their furniture. You could even paint the furniture a base color and make a fun project out of flinging different paint colors at it for a splatter effect.

For younger kids, purchase a bean bag chair or child-size lounge chair


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