RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

3. Get Smart with Storage If you find yourself short on space, there are creative ways to store items and make more room. Consider using vertical storage to overcome this obstacle, and store away items in closets, drawers and bins when possible. If you are designing a room for multiple siblings, consider bunk beds. Not only do they save space, but kids love them. (Just make sure your kids won’t be constantly fighting over who gets the top bunk!) Storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. You can find stylish toy boxes or hanging shelves that turn your “things” into a design choice. Utilize hooks on the wall that your children can reach to hand up their toys or backpacks. Install a basketball hoop on the wall above a laundry basket to encourage kids to put away their dirty clothes. Remember that bean bag chair I mentioned before? There are actually bean bags designed to store stuffed animals, so you can give your kids a fun chair and control the mess all at once. Small and fun ideas like these can enhance your space but also make it practical and easy to maintain. 4. Use Pops of Color to Liven Up the Room. Bring your kids to the store and let them pick out a fun painting or bedspread as the center of their room design. You can use


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