RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

For young kids, try adding glow- in-the-dark decals in the shape of their favorite characters or to mimic the night sky. They are easy to put on and take off, and many brands are designed not to damage your walls. 7. Think About the Floor. A lot of people have consistent flooring throughout their home, but you can add rugs or carpet squares (which your child can rearrange in a number of ways) to mix it up in your child’s room. Get a rug with

a map or fake road. Your child will have hours of fun “driving” their toy cars or “exploring” the world right on the floor. 8. Don’t Forget the Magic. Your child’s room should be their oasis away from all the worries of the world. That means it should be a place they love to go that brings them joy. If your child loves astronomy, hang some planets and stars from the ceiling.

Instead of a traditional night light, hang colorful holiday lights around their room. If you have space, consider hanging a swing seat from the ceiling for your child to lounge in and read his or her favorite book. Hang a cork board where your kids can show off their latest artwork or hang pictures with their friends. A child’s room should be practical, but fun. When you’re designing their space, don’t forget to tap into your inner child. And of course, keep your child involved, and listen to what they want. It’s their room after all, and they will spend the most time there.


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