RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Thanksgiving decorations into them. This is another way to give your front yard a perfect seasonal vibe. Things like decorative gourds, squash, or pumpkins can be purchased at a local farm festival to place inside. Add fall-themed candles throughout your home. This is a simple way to add a festive smell and tasteful accents to your home. Pick candles of different heights and place them over fresh- picked leaves or around some pinecones to create a beautiful centerpiece ( just make sure these items aren’t too close to the flame). You can move them out of the way when the food is served. Mulch your flower beds. Putting out fresh mulch on beds may take a couple of hours, but doing so will greatly enhance your landscaping. Rake the mulch to create a smooth look, and be sure to brush or power wash away any dirt that ends up on your pathways. Hang fall wreaths. These can go inside and out. The outside ones will invite your guests into your cozy home, and the inside ones will bring another touch of fall to your decor. Wreaths can be hung on doors, gates, mailboxes, or sheds, and they can even be used as table decorations.

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