RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Tip #7: Pay attention to the stove. The kitchen is the center of everything on Thanksgiving. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is the number one day in America for cooking fires. Keep track of your pots and pans, and make sure nothing boils over or overheats in the oven. Place potholders and towels away from the stovetop, and make sure nothing gets bumped into the path of an open flame. The last Tip #8: Keep your kids occupied. If you and your spouse are both cooking, set a schedule for when each of you will spend time with or check on the kids (depending on how old they are). Young children may need extra supervision with so much cooking going on in the kitchen, so enlist some family members to take them out of the house for the day if possible. If your children are older, buy some fun new games they can play together while you cook, or get them involved in the food preparation. Years from now, they could be the ones hosting you, after all! And remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra screen time when you’re trying to keep your kids safe and entertained.

thing you need is a visit from the fire department when you’re trying to enjoy time with family and friends. Here’s another fire safety tip. If something happens to catch fire on the stove, never use water to put it out. Instead, use baking soda, a fire extinguisher, or smother the flame with the lid of a pot. If a fire starts in your oven, just turn the oven off and keep the door closed. Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher on hand and know how it works.


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