RMM - Nov-20 - Jennifer Reiner

Tip #10: Plan your cleanup. After you’ve prepared and eaten the meal, you might be ready to kick back and relax. But unfortunately, cleanup is a big part of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. If you were the primary meal preparer, put your spouse in charge of clean-up duty. If you are hosting family, don’t be shy about asking for help to clear plates and put away any leftovers. Most of the time, your guests will be more than willing to help out. Make your job easier by asking guests to bring their plates to the sink or designating someone as a dish

collector. If you have guests place their plates into hot soapy water, you’ll have less work to do rinsing them off. Another pro tip: Make sure to label your trash and recycling receptacles. Bonus Tip: Don’t stress! Thanksgiving is supposed to be a relaxing day to celebrate all the blessings you have. Don’t ruin your own holiday by overcomplicating it.


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