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Charcoal Offering that irresistible smoky barbecue flavor in a portable, affordable package, charcoal grills are hard to beat. Perfect for smaller groups, these are a great option if you’re keeping your Memorial Day get-together small. While well worth it, their smoky deliciousness does come with a bit of maintenance. Charcoal will need to be cleaned out after grilling and replaced the next time you grill. Charcoal grills also take longer to heat up than electric or gas varieties, but it’s also part of the experience. Just have some snacks ready for your guests while you get grilling! Keep in mind that charcoal grills get hotter than gas grills and require more supervision since their temperature cannot be regulated, which means you’ll be shifting briquettes around to get those steaks just perfect. In the end, your guests will be impressed by your charcoal mastery and those smoky, delicious burgers.

Kamado If you really want to elevate your Memorial Day party, a kamado grill is a unique, centuries-old grilling style that will wow your crowd. A grill that also uses charcoal, kamados impart a wonderful smokiness, and with their ceramic walls, they provide excellent insulation for grilling and smoking. Most kamados heat very evenly and will maintain both high and low temperatures, so feel free to expand your menu a bit. Get creative and grill a thin-crust pizza, or wow your guests with a cast-iron cake. Quality kamados are available in many different sizes, whether you’re feeding a large crowd or keeping it small. You can also find kamados in every price range, from high-end professional grade to budget-friendly options, so there’s no need to break the bank for your Memorial Day bash.

Memorial Day, Social- Distance Style Whether you’re grilling for your household or hosting an outdoor socially distanced soirée, there are plenty of ways to bring people together safely while making your gathering a smash. If you’re erring on the safe side, you can still make your guests feel welcome while giving everyone their space.

Seating. First on the list is a given — place your outdoor seats at least six feet apart from one another, or have your guests bring their own blankets and have a good (albeit, socially distanced) old-fashioned picnic! Invites. Alert your guests ahead of time that your gathering will be of the socially distant variety. Create a fun evite or old- fashioned paper invitation that kindly lets your guests know



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