Home Sweet Home Magazine - May 2021

Electric and Portable Grills

spring weather. Portable grills are a great option for a Memorial Day picnic on the go, whether you’re tailgating or celebrating with some beachside grilling. These grills are super convenient, easy to use, and typically run on 16-ounce propane tanks that can be stashed under the grill cover for easy grilling on the go.

A great option for apartment dwellers, electric grills are smoke- free, compact and easy to clean. An affordable grilling option, electric grills can be easily nestled on your countertop and are a great way to bring the party inside if it gets hit with unpredictable

Grilling Materials and Accessories Charcoal: Lump or Briquettes If you’re cooking with charcoal this Memorial Day, you’ll want to brush up on different charcoal types, more specifically lump charcoal versus briquettes. A hotly debated topic among barbecue enthusiasts, your charcoal choice can make all the difference for your grilling experience and your guests. The ubiquitous bag of bricks found at every corner market, charcoal briquettes are what most people picture when thinking of charcoal. Made from compressed wood byproducts and additives, briquettes are cheap, convenient

Fish Grate = Greater Fish

and reliable. They are also great for smoking, as they maintain consistent heat for long periods of time. However, they do produce a chemical smell when lit, so be sure to let them burn until they are covered with white ash before you add your food to the grill. Additionally, they produce large amounts of ash, so keep this in mind when planning your party. Lump charcoal is charcoal in its most natural form— simply wood that’s burned in the absence of oxygen. Preferred by barbecue purists, lump charcoal burns much cleaner and hotter than briquettes and is easier to light. It is also more responsive to oxygen than briquettes, meaning you can control your grill’s temperature more easily. While more expensive and less consistent in size than briquettes, lump does not give off a chemical smell and produces very little ash.

No matter which kind of grill you’re using, a fish grate is an indispensable grilling tool for “fish heads” everywhere. Just prepare your fish, place it in the grate and secure, and let the grill do the rest. Fish grates and baskets make for easy cleanup, so you’ll be thankful when the party’s over! Fish grates abound in numerous sizes and styles, so pick one that is appropriately sized for your grill (make sure the cover can close fully) and for the fish you’ll be cooking. Grates aren’t just limited to fish, so if you’ll be grilling something delicate for your party, like pineapple rings, vegetables or other kinds of seafood, consider investing in one!


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