Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

Miscellaneous Tips ▶ ▶ The right frame can do wonders! Easily recapture the spirit of treasured family photos andmementos by updating your framing choice. You’ll be amazed to see the difference a modernized or different color frame can do to make your memories come alive once more. ▶ ▶ Hang your children’s artwork in groups. Mix smaller pieces with larger works, and use your imagination! You can hang some works in elaborate frames while you leave other works unframed. Take the opportunity

to really showcase the full scope of your youngmaestro’s talent. ▶ ▶ If you have young children, be safe! Choose frames with acrylic rather than glass for your artwork and photography to avoid accidents. ▶ ▶ Add some depth to your display with shadow boxes! Shadow boxes are an excellent way to introduce fiber art into your display. Think heirloom christening gowns or a quilting block. Shadow boxes are also wonderful for creating keepsakes of milestone events such as weddings and graduations.

your hanging nail? Here’s a simple, yet innovative solution: Go to the kitchen and grab a fork! Rather than fumbling to find the nail behind your painting or photograph and leaving fingerprint smudges on your walls in the process, use a fork to guide your way. Hold the fork face down with the handle pointing upward, then hang your piece by placing the middle tines over the nail or screw. Because of its contoured shape, the fork will protrude from the wall slightly, leaving just the right amount of space for you to slide the hanging wire behind the fork up to and over the nail with ease!

▶ ▶ Ready to hang your

masterpiece but struggling to place the picture wire over


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