Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

DIY Holiday Gifts Your LovedOnes Will Love

use containers from around the house. Cut-off milk cartons, jars or condensed juice cans are all great options. Melt the wax over low heat, and add coloring and scent, if desired. Then stabilize your wick or wicks. One easy way to do this is to lay a chopstick or pencil across the top of the container. Then wind the wick around the pencil to anchor it in place. Next, pour in the wax and allow it to cool. If you opt for a paper carton, simply peel it away from your finished candle. If you’ve selected a jar as your candle vessel, add a ribbon to finish it off. Etched Glass Create a memorable keepsake in a few easy steps by etching drinkware or vases. Similarly, you can create an ornament or window decor. The key is to use a medium such as Armour Etch, which you can find at any craft store or online. Start with a small container since a little goes a long way. Next, you will need some form of stencil that thoroughly adheres to the glass to avoid the

Gift giving is truly an art. Think about the best gift you’ve ever received, and you’ll likely find it wasn’t extravagant (unless you happened to receive a new car or tropical vacation). Typically, gifts that leave a lasting impression are those that come from the heart. Perhaps it was a craft made by a child, a ceramic piece created by an artist friend or something tasty from a friendly neighbor. Maybe it was a family heirloomhanded down from a prior generation or a handcrafted piece of furniture made by a talented family member. Regardless of which holidays your family celebrates, when it comes to gift giving, make this the year you get back to the basics with gifts made with love. Candles Candles are a timeless gift and are a fun way to express your creativity. Start with a quality wax. Beeswax or soy are preferred. Next, choose a mold. You can buy molds or simply

etching cream seeping underneath. This can be done with a Silhouette or CriCut machine, or you can create your own design using shelf liner and an exacto knife. Similarly, stickers will work. Adhere your stencil of choice where you want it on the glass, pressing firmly with a focus on the inside edges. Practice safety by wearing a mask and using gloves. The etching cream can be an irritant to the lungs and the skin. Then, using a brush, apply a generous amount of etching cream to the stencil. Dab it on, allowing it to form a blob. More is more for this job. Just make sure it doesn’t run off the sides of your stencil or you will unintentionally etch other parts of the glass. The etching cream states it only needs to sit for a fewminutes, but we’ve found better results by allowing it to sit on the glass for around 15 minutes. When the time is up, simply rinse off the etching cream, dab the glass dry, and remove the stencil. Hand wash your project for the best results.


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