Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

Heat Pad This is a common DIY gift many of us have received and appreciated, so why not share the joy? With some basic sewing skills, these are easy to make. Simply select a fabric safe for the microwave. Flannel is a popular choice. Cut two panels of fabric in the same size. They can be square, round or rectangular. Sew the two panels together while inside out. Then turn the project right-side out and stuff with long-grain rice or other grain. Add essential oils if you choose, and hand stitch the final remaining side. You can make an additional outer bag that is removable for washing if desired. Scrapbook or Photobook Memories always make for an ideal gift. Use your DIY-crafting skills to put together a fun scrapbook for grandma, celebrating a special event, trip or daily life as a mom. Scrapbooking provides a lot of room for creativity and customization. With the newest computer programs, you can even create and print a scrapbook full of memories using software. Sugar Scrubs andBathBombs There are countless recipes online for making your own sugar scrubs, and they make a great pampering

gift for those you love. You can also master the craft of making bath bombs to supplement a spa- themed gift basket.

or create pocket grooves using a pocket hole jig.

Kids’ Handprints are aGift Let the kids help with the gift giving and freeze time with their tiny handprints. Simply sew or purchase a basic, plain apron. Then get out the acrylic paint. Allow each child to press their hands into a tray of paint and stamp their handprint onto the apron. Then allow them to use a finger, fabric pen, or paint brush to write their name below a handprint (if old enough). Another great idea the kids can help with is an easy-to-make stepping stone. For this project, pick up a basic but heavy-duty plastic plant saucer between 12 and 16 inches diameter. Mix up a combination of bagged concrete mix and water, or purchase a premixed option. Pour the concrete into the plant saucer. You’ll want the mixture to set up enough that the handprint will remain in place. Test it every few minutes until a finger impression no longer disappears. Then have your child spread apart their fingers and press their hands into the mix. You can then embellish with flowers, pebbles, colored tile or other decorations for a customized finish. Allow your concrete to thoroughly dry before removing it from the saucer, and your gift is ready!

Infused Oils, Vinegar and Alcohol

Infusing your own oils for cooking or massage is easy and allows you to customize the scent and flavor. The same goes for vinegars with flavors ranging from hot pepper to rosemary to use in dressings, sauces and marinades. Store- bought alcohol can be flavored with foods from your garden or farmer’s market. Try cranberry, peach or lavender-lemon vodka. The process is basically the same for all three bases. Choose a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure it is clean and completely dry. Stuff your herbs or fruit into the jar, then fill it with your choice of oil, vinegar or alcohol. Allow the mixture to steep in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks, checking it every few days. Once it has the flavor you are looking for, strain the mixture and add a cute ribbon, label or gift tag.

Cheers and Happy Gifting!


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