Home Sweet Home Magazine - August 2021

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▶ ▶ Let Older Kids Take Care of Things - If you have older children, let them take care of morning tasks, such as feeding a pet, putting their lunch together andmaking sure their backpacks are packed. ▶ ▶ Do a Mood Check-In - Talk to your kids and see how they are feeling about the day ahead. This simple dialogue can mean the difference between a rushedmorning where no one communicates and being aware of your child’s concerns. Furthermore, if there is something big coming up that your child is anxious about, this helps you stay “in the know” as a parent.

to make scrambled eggs and toast, great! But have granola bars and fruit ready, just in case.


Make Use of Weekends - The weekendmight not take as

Things to Do intheMorning Mornings have a reputation for being chaotic, but if you take time in the evenings and weekends to prepare, mornings can actually be pleasant and set the tone for your day. ▶ ▶ Avoid Devices - This is probably the most important tip for the morning. Phones, tablets and any other electronic devices are distracting and can keep anyone in the family from staying on task. Devices ideally should be put away the evening before and handed to the children (if necessary) upon departure.

much food and outfit prepping if school is at home, but Saturdays and Sundays can still be great for getting work done ahead of time, especially if the assignments are already online and space is tight.


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