Home Sweet Home Magazine - July 2021

Sprinklers and Hoses - Younger kids in particular will be perfectly happy playing in the hose or with an oscillating sprinkler. For evenmore fun, spread plastic bags or another slick surface over the grass so they can slide around. Playing in the Rain - Summer showers can be turned into a great chance to get outside, as long as there’s no danger of lightning.

tarps or a tent that will

repel, rather than absorb, the sunlight. These items can be draped over chairs, tables and other backyard objects or held up with stakes. #2. Invest in other water- related activities. Kids love water, and there are fortunately many other ways to incorporate water in the backyard without a pool. Here are a few of our favorites: Water Balloons - Water balloons are a fun way to get the kids (and adults) to play together and have fun on a hot day. It is best to buy balloons that are designed to be filled with water. To keep the game safe, instruct the kids not to throw balloons at people’s faces — and remember that balloons can present a choking hazard for toddlers. Squirt Guns - Don’t be afraid to bring back this classic — again, just keep it safe by advising kids not to spray people’s faces.

#1. Make shade a breeze. Start with the basics. A large umbrella over an outdoor table can provide a much-needed shady area for kids and adults to enjoy snacks and socializing on a hot day. And don’t forget to use plenty of fans. Whether you have a fan overhead or a stand-alone fan, they can keep air much cooler, especially in the shade. To make things more fun for the kids, build an outdoor shade fort. Forts are a classic living room favorite, and there’s no reason not to take that same concept to the backyard. A proper shade fort can serve as a great spot for reading, playing with toys and, if you’re brave and feel safe doing so, a night spent under the stars.

To build a shade fort, select lightly colored items, such as blankets,


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