Home Sweet Home Magazine - July 2021

Dress the Front Door

Replace Rotting Wood Look along the exterior of your home and replace any rotting wood around windows, doors, and the garage. Similarly, replace decaying fencing and weather-torn siding on the house.

While you’re at it, touch up the trim around the doors and windows.

Once you’ve applied a fresh coat of paint, move onto the hardware. Replace the handle, knob, and even the hinges for a quick modernization of the entrance to your home. You can also add a wreath for a homey touch. Shutter the Windows Shutters can be functional or decorative. They add a bundle of personality to the design of your home. If you’re a handy woodworker, you can build shutters yourself, or you can order your preferred style online. If you order functional shutters, you can also take advantage of their protective qualities. However, if you’re just

Replace the Porch Light

Like any other functional or decorative piece, porch lights start to look dated after a few years. Freshen the space and crank up the welcoming vibe with a new porch light. You can also paint the existing light fixture for a quick and inexpensive upgrade. Remember to put safety first by turning off all power before digging into the wiring. If you want to make a smart upgrade at the same time, select a porch light with a built-in camera andmotion sensor that you can control using a smartphone app or home assistant hub.

Add Flowers

In beds, pots, or window boxes, flowers provide an instant punch of color and tranquility. Buy, build, or repaint a few planters for each side of the front door or garage and fill them full of vibrant petals. Annuals only last one season but provide a lasting color display. Perennials will return each season and work well in pots or beds. Moving off the porch, build mounds or raised beds to house a combination of plants. You can include vegetables, herbs, shrubs, flowers, bulbs, and even a fruit tree or small Japanese maple. If you have a well-established tree in the front yard already, add a circle of flowers around the base.

looking to add visual interest, go with a simple shutter that

permanently mounts to each side of the windows in the front of the home. If you have existing shutters, dress them up with a fresh coat of paint, coordinating with the accent and primary paint colors of the house.


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