Home Sweet Home Magazine - July 2021

Create a Seating Area

Nothing invites guests to linger more than a bench nestled into the landscape. It also gives you a place to rest while working in the yard or to relax with your family. Figure out what works for your space. Buy or build a bench and consider adding an arbor for added appeal. If your landscape layout doesn’t allow for a bench, consider placing a bistro set on the front porch instead. You could also hang a porch swing or invest in some rocking chairs.

especially when coupled with other improvements and colorful blooms.

Clean Pressure washing is a great way to make a concrete patio or driveway look nearly new again, so definitely put that on your weekend warrior to-do list. But don’t stop there. Hit the sides of the house and fencing with a light-pressure spray, as well. Use caution when spraying wood, since too much pressure can cause damage. If in doubt, sweep the eaves and use a hose on wood fencing instead. Also remove and clean screens andmake the windows shine through. Trim the Bushes and Shrubs The benefits of cleaning also extend to your landscaping. Make sure the plants in the ground and even those in pots are working for you. Cut away dead branches, and cut back shrubs that may be blocking windows or doors. In contrast, make sure to leave or plant bushy shrubs to cover

Buy a New Doormat

electrical boxes, garbage receptacles, AC units, and other eyesores.

A dirty, worn down doormat is the last thing you want to come home to, let alone have guests or interested buyers look at as part of your home’s first impression. Fortunately, throwing down a new welcome mat takes mere minutes and canmake a noticeable impact.

Bring in the Bark and Gravel Few things change the look of the front of your home more quickly than a fresh layer of bark throughout the beds. Make sure to pull weeds and set new plantings before adding bark mulch or chips. If the space calls for it, add a path that connects parking areas to the front door. You might bring in a professional if you want to pour concrete, but most homeowners can plan and execute the installation of a meandering crushed gravel walkway themselves.

Paint or Stain the Porch

While you’re focused on porch lights and door paint, take a look at the surface of your porch. If it’s wood, cleaning and restaining will freshen it up. If it’s concrete, hit it with the pressure washer for a deep clean. Another option is to paint the porch. It’s amazing what a layer or two of paint can add to the space,


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