Home Sweet Home Magazine - May 2021

Scrapbook Memories always make for an ideal gift. Use your DIY crafting skills to put together a fun scrapbook for mom, celebrating a special event, trip, or daily life as a mom. Scrapbooking provides a lot of room for creativity and customization. With the newest computer programs, you can even create and print a scrapbook full of memories using software. Stepping Stone Following a similar theme, you can create a long-lasting keepsake for the yard with an easy and fun stepping stone project. Use a basic plastic plant saucer, about 12” in diameter. Mix up a concrete blend, which is just a combination of bagged concrete mix and water. You can also purchase a premixed option. Pour the concrete into the plant saucer. When partially set, press your child’s hands into the mix. You can also add flowers, pebbles, colored tiles or other decorations to your stone for a customized finish. Allow your concrete to thoroughly dry before removing it from the saucer, and your gift is ready!

Heating Pad After a long day at the office or taking care of the house, mom will appreciate a heating pad to soothe aching muscles. These are easy to make. Simply select a fabric safe for the microwave (flannel is a popular choice). Cut two panels of fabric in the same size. They can be square, round, or rectangular. Sew the two panels together while inside out. Then, turn the project right-side out, stuff with long-grain rice or other grain, add essential oils if you choose, and hand stitch the final open side. You can make an additional outer bag that is removable for washing if desired. Make sure you follow the heating

Spa Basket Dig into traditional candle making for some DIY fun. Melt beeswax or soy wax in an old pot or tea kettle. Use any mold you have around the house, from an empty milk carton to a cut-off OJ jug. Other options include tin cans and canning jars. Secure a wick (or multiple) in place, and pour the melted wax in to set. Next, mix up a sugar scrub by combining one cup of brown or granulated sugar with ½ cup softened coconut oil, plus an extract or essential oil of your choosing. Finally, place the candles and sugar scrub into a reusable container such as a metal bucket, photo box, basket, planter, or mixing bowl and add a personalized note letting mom know howmuch you appreciate her.

instructions for your specific material (you can find them online).


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