Home Sweet Home Magazine - May 2021

Your Guide to Growing Food at Home

How to Plant Produce in Small Outdoor Spaces Benefits of Growing Your Own Food Now, if you aren’t yet sold, let’s just talk about a few of the benefits of growing your foods at home. First — it encourages you to eat healthier! When you have fruits and vegetables right in your own backyard, you’re more likely to eat them. The pride of having grown them also adds to the experience. Another benefit is the cost savings. At any big-box grocery store, dollar store, or home and gardening store, you can get almost any packet of seeds for less than a dollar. Meanwhile, just one zucchini or squash is over $0.70! Stock your pantry full of your own hard work, and save yourself some money in the process. If you live in an apartment or simply don’t have any real gardening experience, growing your own foods might seem like an intimidating venture. In this article, we’ve

With so much time spent at home over the last year, many people have embarked on new experiences and ways to pass the time. People who might never have considered doing so before have started growing their own foods.

Even if plants aren’t your cup of tea, with a little patience and time, even people with the blackest of thumbs can start seeing green (foods that is).


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