Home Sweet Home Magazine - May 2021

Cultivating an Indoor Herb Garden Staying indoors on a rainy day isn’t so bad when you can grow beautiful herbs in the convenience of your own home. Bring the joy of spring (and wonderful smells) inside with your own personal indoor herb garden, whether you have grand ambitions of growing a verdant vertical garden or you want to try your hand at an aromatic windowsill kitchen garden for fresh flavor at your fingertips. No matter what the weather is doing outside, you can grow herbaceous, delicious greenery inside and cultivate your green thumb at the same time. Just give your herbs some love, and they’ll love you back all year long. Growing Herbs Indoors Parsely, sage, rosemary, or thyme — no matter what you choose to sow and grow, your herbs will need plenty of sunlight, high-quality soil, containers with good drainage, and just enough water to thrive.

garden look that muchmore eye-catching this summer (and you can even eat them— great for garnishing any colorful summer dish). Squash needs space to grow, so make sure you use one of your bigger containers to get your squash growing. Place in a well- lit area, keep your soil moist and fertilized, and watch your squash bloom and grow!

Strawberries If vegetables aren’t your thing, strawberries are an easy fruit you can start growing right now! A huge benefit to growing strawberries in containers is that little critters can’t as easily sneak in and steal your freshly grown berries! The great thing about strawberries is that you can grow them in a variety of containers, and they don’t require a lot of space at all! You can go to any local home and gardening store — or even a dollar store — and grab a basic hanging basket to get your strawberries growing like crazy! Be mindful of which variety of strawberry you are getting started to make sure those varieties will provide the results that match your growing goals. Ever-bearing or perpetual varieties produce fruits twice a year; alpine varieties produce smaller strawberries but can thrive in small window boxes or containers indoors. Just make sure your strawberries are in a well-lit area, sheltered from any heavy winds, with good draining soil for fresh strawberries this summer or even early fall.


Love to spice up your summer

dishes with a spicy pepper? Or maybe you love to cut up some fresh sweet peppers with ranch dressing for a refreshing, cool summer snack? Well, the good news is that peppers are another easy-to-grow summer veggie you can grow right now in your container garden! In fact, most hot and sweet peppers thrive in containers! Grab whatever containers you can find and throw in some regular, good drainage soil and plant your pepper seeds. Peppers need consistent watering but do require a little more attention to make sure their soil doesn’t get too dry or too wet. However, any thriving peppers can be brought inside and placed in a well-lit window area.

Happy growing!


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