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otherwise wouldn’t be able to grow in your area. So while you may live in a region that doesn’t support certain foods you want to grow, creating your own soil mixtures allows for you to grow all kinds of foods right outside your door. As a bonus, it’s also quite affordable and easy to keep up with container gardening. You can buy 5-gallon tubs at any local big box store for under $10. Or you may even be overlooking objects around the house you can use as planters — coffee cans, laundry baskets, storage tubs, even Tupperware containers. Just make sure you drill holes for drainage in the bottoms to prevent root rot and promote healthy growth. Getting Your Garden Growing By now, you’re thinking —OK. I’ve got my containers from around the house; I’ve scoped out a good place with lighting for my garden. Now, what can I grow? There are all kinds of fruits and vegetables you can start growing right now for the summer season that are easy andmanageable. So let’s talk a few specifics about different foods you can start growing this summer that will be easy andmanageable for any beginner gardener.

provided tips and tricks to help you grow your own produce, no matter how little experience you have or where you live!

Tomatoes are so easy to grow, and the speedy results and easy maintenance will leave any beginner gardener

Planting Your Garden

feeling proud and satisfied! Just remember that the bigger the tomato you want to grow, the bigger the container you will need. In these early summer months, it is the perfect season to get your tomato plants outside in the sunshine — tomatoes do not like the cold, so it is important to make sure they will be warm. Pop your tomato container in a full-sun area on your balcony or outside on the steps with a tomato cage or some staking, and watch those babies grow big and full! Just be mindful — tomato leaves are toxic if ingested by dogs or cats, so make sure your tomatoes are in a place safe from the reach of your furry friends!

If you live in an apartment with only a small balcony or you share a backyard in a duplex, you are not excluded from the home-grown foods experience. One of the best ways to get your garden growing — whether you have gardening space or not — is container planting. Container planting is a simple and easy way to manage a healthy garden that can travel with you even if you have to relocate. But bringing your garden with you isn’t the only benefit of container gardening. Containers allow for easier upkeep for busy homeowners and renters alike.

Because your foods are all placed in individual containers, you save time planting and weeding a full garden! You can also more easily protect and save


Squash is another easy-to-grow veggie that will make any beginning gardener excited with the results. One of the awesome extra benefits of growing squash is that squash plants grow beautiful blossoms that will make any outside container

your seasonal plants in the winter by bringing them inside. Container gardening also allows you to control soil mixture and grow produce you


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