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Sage You won’t want to leave sage out of your indoor herb garden! With its heady, almost mint-like flavor, sage is an irreplaceable herb that goes well inmeat dishes, stuffings, creamy sauces and even desserts. Grow your sage from a starter or a cutting and place in a south-facing window. Sage loves full sun, but it does best in a cool, dry location.

your pots have adequate holes for drainage, andmake sure to place saucers beneath them to catch runoff water — you don’t want to damage your furniture or the floor! If you’re venturing into a vertical garden for your herbs, make sure it is set up with an adequate drainage system. Vertical Gardens If you’re looking to spruce up your home with a wall of green, a vertical herb garden is the way to go. Not only do you get the health-boosting, eye-catching benefits of having fresh greenery in your home, you get delicious and healthy herbs at your fingertips. Fromdecorative wall-mounted planters that double as chalkboards to modular vertical walls that make a statement, endless options abound for going vertical with your herbs.

Another savory favorite, fresh oregano adds unmistakable flavor to fresh pasta sauce with tomatoes from the garden. Oregano does best when grown from a starter or a cutting from another plant; just plant your starter or cutting in a well-draining pot with high-quality potting soil, then place in a south- facing window. Parsley Lending fresh flavor to all kinds of cuisine, parsley is a dream to have among your indoor herb collection. Parsley is easy to start from seed; just be sure to soak your seeds overnight for much quicker sprouting. You will want to plant your parsley in a larger pot to accommodate its long tap roots. Parsley does well in a south- or east- facing window with full sun, though it will tolerate cooler temperatures. Rosemary With its unmistakably resinous, pungent fragrance, rosemary will double as an air freshener while adding deep, sweet herbaceousness to your cooking. Purchase a starter plant or a cutting and place in a south-facing window, as rosemary thrives in full sun. If using a cutting, start it in a moist, soilless mix until it roots.


With its versatile savoriness essential to poultry, stews and vegetables, thyme is an absolute must for any herb garden. Thyme is remarkably lowmaintenance and can be started indoors with a cutting or a starter plant. Thyme does best in full sun but will also grow in an east- or west-facing window.

Types of Indoor Gardens

Whether you have ample space for an expansive wall of herbs, or you’re looking to maximize a tiny New York apartment with a cheerful windowsill planter, myriad options abound to craft the perfect herb garden for your indoor setup. No matter what you choose, know that a successful herb garden is only as good as its container. Make sure


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