Home Sweet Home Magazine - May 2021

Whatever your vertical garden aspirations, just be sure it’s situated to ensure that your herbs get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Get creative, but make sure your herbs have room to grow and breathe and that they can drain properly.

The material of your pot also plays an important role and should be chosen based on the humidity level of your home. Ceramic pots are ideal for a drier environment, as they keepmoisture in, while porous clay pots will dry out faster. This doesn’t mean that your pot choices should be limited — get creative and use repurposed containers for your herbs, or hit up garage sales for vintage planters. No matter what containers you choose to amp up your aesthetic, it is recommended to grow each herb in a separate container. Herbs vary in their preferences of sunlight, temperature, environment and soil, so this will allow for flexibility and long-term success in your herb growing. Whether you have your sights set on a simple pizza herb garden, or you’re hankering to take on a creative DIY vertical garden of grand proportions, an indoor herb garden is the perfect way to enjoy flavorful, fresh herbs all year long. Gardening season is here, so get planting and creating!

Old shipping pallets or wooden crates make great DIY projects to create your own personalized vertical herb gardens with a few tools and a dash of creative flair. Plenty of options and ideas for pallet gardens abound online, so do some research for what will best suit your needs, and consult your local nursery or home and garden center for any additional materials you may need to get started. For more repurposed wood creativity, secure some oldmason jars on a piece of old barn wood, thenmount it on the wall. Or, mount a piece of driftwood on the wall, and hang your herb pots from there! Wall-mounted pots and planter boxes are another fun way to go vertical. Depending on your decor, you can go modern with hanging frame planters that make your herbs look pretty as a picture, or go rustic and shabby-chic with wall- mounted buckets. To maximize a sunny kitchen window, mount a couple shower curtain rods horizontally within the inner window frame, then hang your herbs in decorative buckets on the rods.

Countertop Pots & Planters

If you prefer to keep things traditional with countertop or

tabletop planting, you’re in good hands. Pots are a straightforward, classic way to start your indoor herb garden, especially for beginners. Purchase quality pots with enough holes to allow sufficient drainage for your herbs, andmake sure to place saucers underneath your pots to catch excess runoff. You will also want to consider size when choosing a pot; make sure it is large enough to accommodate the root system and growth of the herb, while not being too large that it swallows your plant.


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