Home Sweet Home Magazine - December 2021

Essentials Every Baker Needs for a Successful Holiday Season

Food Processor

work, your kitchen can become the ultimate space to explore your culinary creativity. Here are the essentials every baker needs. Mixer Amixer should be at the top of your list of essential baking tools. KitchenAid is a notable brand for durability and versatility. In truth, it can handle just about anything you throw at it, from tripled cookie recipes to kneading dough. However, even a handmixer can tackle most jobs, so don’t be discouraged by your budget.

There’s something about the winter season that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And of course, nothing adds to that comfort quite like the smell of your grandma’s famous apple pie baking in the oven. Maybe it’s the colder weather or the abundance of holiday spirit, but winter seems to bring out the inner baker in all of us. Whether you’re preparing croissants for a family meal or rows of sugar cookies for a holiday bake sale, a successful baking endeavor requires more than a trip to the grocery store. With a bit of pep

Perhaps it isn’t essential, but if you’ve ever used a food processor to quickly mince nuts, you’ll understand the draw here. A food processor makes quick work of many tasks, allowing you to move from one recipe to another without delay. Cooling Racks There are few joys in life like walking into the kitchen to stacks of freshly- baked goods cooling on racks (and sneaking one while the chef isn’t


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